Digital Services


Digital Measured can supply a wide range of digital services, from landing page development and search optimization, to digital advertising, to content services and social media engagement. Whether your business needs to increase awareness, share of voice, engagement, or advocacy we can create a strategic plan and integrated media mix that reflects your brand and effectively reaches your audience.

Compass iconDigital Marketing Strategy & Planning

An effective marketing plan will meet business objectives through specific, measurable key performance indicators (KPIs). Building that plan requires a blend of business goals, product/service offering, consumer needs & preferences, and media availability. Digital Measured creates digital marketing plans from the ground up, including:

  • Target audience segmentation & persona development 
  • Identification of digital strategy and key performance indicator metrics
  • Marketing proposal development
  • Media estimates 
  • Digital media buying/ media partner negotiation

Search Engine iconSearch Engine Optimization

In a cluttered website landscape, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital to properly index a site and enable content to appear in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). SERP position, or search ranking, is determined by complex algorithms that grade website navigation and content based upon evidence of relevance, reputation, and recency within the site’s code. Digital Measured seeks to build quality site content with appropriate SEO coding which will enable your brand to appear in top-ranked result pages for your most important keywords and phrases. SEO digital services include:

  • Brand SEO audit and benchmarking
  • Website landing page development
  • SEO coding/tagging
  • Online business directory listings (Google Places, Yelp, Yellow Pages, etc.)
  • Content marketing & social media services (see below for detail)

Money check iconPaid Search (SEM/PPC)

Recent SERP updates have pushed organic (SEO) results further down the page in favor of paid and multi-media results. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) utilizes paid advertising and promotion to supplement SEO efforts and gain a greater share of SERP “real estate” to dominate search results. Research demonstrates that paid SEM efforts raise incremental site traffic, block competition, synergize with organic results to build brand credibility, and give greater brand-building control over paid, owned, and earned efforts. SEM digital services include:

  • Keyword research
  • Paid search ad development
  • Google Adwords campaign set-up, management, and optimization
  • Microsoft Bing Ad Center campaign set-up, management, and optimization
  • Integration with Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools/Search Console

pencil iconContent Marketing

Content Marketing is a natural extension of SEO efforts, and a cornerstone of all marketing, because it consists of the production and distribution of quality content. As a discipline, content marketing is used to deliver valuable, relevant content that attracts an audience and can build a brand’s reputation as a subject matter expert and industry thought leader. Digital Measured is Hubspot certified in Inbound Marketing, therefore we consider content marketing to be a vital component of attracting an audience and converting them into leads. Content marketing digital services include:

  • Blog and article writing
  • Editorial content calendar/ post planning
  • Development of Brand Content Guide for selected social channels
  • Social media posts (see section below)
  • Social media community management

social share square iconSocial Media Advertising

Social networks reach a vast majority of internet users today across multiple devices. But with that reach comes a more cluttered, competitive content environment. Paid advertising on social media networks can boost reach and engagement, and can also drive audience traffic and conversions to your website. Our social media ad services include:

  • Social account setup for your brand/business
  • Facebook Pixel tracking, advertising campaigns, and retargeting
  • Instagram advertising campaigns
  • Pinterest advertising campaigns
  • Twitter advertising campaigns
  • LinkedIn advertising campaigns 

chart line iconAnalytics & Reporting

Of course, no amount of marketing strategy or advertising campaign spend matters if you don’t know if it’s working! Measurement is critical to success, and optimizations should be inherent in any digital campaign. With so much data available to marketers throughout the customer online journey, it’s crucial to determine which metrics will define and measure campaign performance as the key performance indicators (KPIs). Our measurement and reporting digital services include:

  • Google Analytics account setup, conversion goals, segments/filters/dashboards, report creation
  • Integrated ad performance tracking (from social ads, paid search, etc.)
  • Marketing reporting including insights and Executive Summary directives

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