SEO Is More Than Keywords

SEO Is More Than Keywords

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SEO Is More Than Keywords

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of making improvements to the structure and/or content of a website in order to gain visibility in search results pages.

It’s a given in today’s internet economy that appearing in search results pages is important. But how does a site get optimized, and what factors contribute to a good ranking?

SEO is Relevance x Reputation + Recency = Ranking Results

Search engines such as Google make continual updates to their algorithms in order to deliver better organic results and improve user experience. While they don’t publish the specifics of their ranking formulas, in the broadest sense they assess site elements that are indicators of relevance, reputation, and recency in order to assign rank within their search results pages (SERP).

SEO begins with user experience (UX)

Load time, ease of navigation, and relevant landing pages are just some of the structural issues that are assessed by search engines in order to determine the relevance of a website. It’s all about quickly delivering value to the end user, so if your site has structural issues or performance lags those will be red flags that indicate your site may not deliver relevant material or otherwise convey the attributes of a reputable online authority.

Quality content results in links and leads

Unique, remarkable keywords and copy that delivers value to a user will result in positive site links and business leads. Those reference links and leads are indicators of reputation, another factor in search engine result ranking. The recency of posts is also a factor, because fresh content is typically deemed to be more worthwhile to a searcher than “old news” on a similar topic or keyword. However, seminal works in a field, such as The Art of SEO by Enge, Spencer, Fishkin & Stricchiola will stand the test of time and have the relevance and reputation to persist in search rankings. The best content strategy then is to mix longer-term cornerstone content with more frequent shorter-term information to hit on all the elements of the “relevance x reputation + recency” equation.

SEO is an Ongoing Process

An optimized website will offer a combination of useful, relevant content within a solid and easy-to-use site structure. This requires expert integration of web development, coding, design, and copywriting. It cannot simply be done once when a website is first launched, but must be updated and refreshed periodically in order to maintain ranking within search engine results pages.

For further reading to assess whether your site needs SEO assistance, consult Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide.

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