Strategic Digital Marketing: New eBook Release

Strategic Digital Marketing: New eBook Release

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Strategic Digital Marketing: New eBook Release

           The following blog content is excerpted from Strategic Digital Marketing Survival Manual: A Practical Field Guide for Small Businesses and Startups: a new eBook release on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. 

           Marketing a small business or startup company is hard. You need to create awareness and differentiate in your market but can’t afford to outspend the competition with a massive campaign and blanket media coverage. You have to work hard for every transaction, so gaining repeat business and building customer loyalty and trusted referrals is critical to long-term success. You’re in a time crunch to gain traffic and sales NOW, so you need decisive action and measurable results without waste. And technology has markedly changed how people find information, make purchases, and interact with brands! You need to know enough about digital marketing to ask the right questions, vet resources, and get your business moving forward ASAP.

           Some small business blogs and books highlight popular marketing theories or dissect inspirational quotes. While those are great for personal meditation or lively LinkedIn debate, they don’t help you to practically market your business online in a way that resonates with your target audience. Other blogs and books jump directly to the newest “shiny” digital tactic like Snapchat or chatbot technology, but they don’t address how to determine if it’s the right tactic for your business to cultivate customers or define how to measure success.

            That’s where my new ebook, Strategic Digital Marketing Survival Manual: A Practical Field Guide for Small Businesses and Startups comes in. It’s been written as a practical survival manual to navigate the basics of digitally marketing a startup or small business. A good survival manual will teach techniques and skills to cover basic necessities and sustain life. Likewise, this book should equip you with techniques and skills for your business to thrive through the development of a strategic marketing plan that employs the right mix of digital tactics and measurements for your particular business needs.

            The first phase of a strategic digital marketing plan is business development work. This includes conducting a digital audit of the competition, summarizing a SWOT analysis chart, aggregating target audience information into marketing buyer personas, and defining a unique selling proposition (USP). The second phase is developing a strong website presence as the digital hub of your business, implementing key website design principles and SEO best practices in the design, structure, navigation, and content of the website for a best-in-class user experience. The next phase is building an inbound marketing plan that utilizes original content to draw an audience to your digital properties. This begins with the development of a brand story that serves as an anchor for all digital communications, publication, and advertising. It continues with strategic SEO integrated into all content efforts, shrewd use of email and/or text marketing and marketing automation practices, and selection of appropriate social media channel participation. The final phase is assessing available budget and calculating impressions needed from paid advertising sources to reach revenue goals. From this information, a paid media mix can be determined from available digital advertising tactics in search, display, video and audio.

            A Strategic Digital Marketing Survival Kit Workbook is also available as a downloadable companion resource to those that purchase the ebook. It’s filled with useful templates and resources to turn the book information into an actionable, customized field guide. As a limited-time bonus, the Survival Kit workbook is free to the first 500 book readers! Get started by purchasing and downloading your copy of the ebook today on Amazon or Kindle Unlimited. A paperback version will also be released this summer through Amazon.

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